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survival at

was built for people that simply want to build what they like in gamemode 1 (survival).

This server is PTP that stands for Free To Play.

This is the only server that we allow people to be in survival to build as some people, on our other server`s, would be at a disadvantage if players could use survival.

The reason why we decided to add this server is as some players may need to see how they can build something on our other server`s. This allows the players to test what they create.

Our spawn for the survival server is one of the most imaginative we have made across all of our servers, and current players have given positive feedback about the spawn.

Plugins on survival
AutoMessage 2.2.1
Restart 1.0
WorldEdit 5.5.6
NoCheatPlus 3.9.2-RC-b520
AntiAd 2.1.1
FrameProtect 1.9
Vault 1.2.24-b304
PermissionsEx 1.19.5
Multiverse-Core 2.4-b527
Modifyworld 1.19.4
Votifier 1.9
WorldGuard 5.7.3
dynmap 1.7.1-714
Essentials 2.10.1
Fe 0.6
ChatManager 1.19.1
EssentialsSpawn 2.10.1
Multiverse-Portals 2.4-b548
ChestShop 3.5
IslandWorld 1.5.8

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